4 Easy Steps to Download

Just a little insight to how we set things up and some terms you’ll get used to hearing.

Folders: All our Agents have a Folder, we have named the folder with your name.

Gallery: Each job we shoot for you will have a unique Gallery. We name the Gallery with the street address of the property. All Galleries are housed inside your folder and will remain there indefinitely, you can always go back to a Gallery and retrieve images, share,  or use them in any way your copyright allows you to, these are your images and we will store a backup of them for you that you can always find easily.

Passwords: Each Agent has a unique Password and is linked to your Folder and the same password works for all your Galleries.

Watermark: The watermark is to protect your images from being copied without permission, they are not attached to the downloaded file.

Step 1. You receive Email  (See below Printable instructions for download WITHOUT a EMAIL)

Gallery Ready

Untitled photo

Email - Your Images are Ready to Download

When we have images that are ready for you to download, you will receive an email from us letting you know your gallery is ready to view. Follow the link (below the image in the email) it will take you right to your current gallery.

Please add this address to your address book: rjsandora@gmail.com

Step 2: You are taken to the Gallery

Landing Image

Untitled photo

To download entire Gallery: Click the Down Arrow in the upper Right corner.  You will be prompted for an Email Address you want to send pictures to.  Email usually comes within 5 minutes, on rare occasions it may take longer depending on traffic. Go to your email to retrieve download link from Help@smugmug.com./

To learn how to download Single Image look below.

This is what your Galleries looks like, you can click any image to enlarge. 

Tips: You can save your main Folder to your bookmarks so you always have easy access to all your Galleries. You will never have to relink from the email again. You can go straight to your folder look for the Gallery and you are in control. 

On this page: Look for the breadcrumb in the upper left, click your name, now you are in your main folder containing all your Galleries. This is the page to bookmark.

Step 3. Look in your email for Download Link

Smugmug Download

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Now Just Click the Green Download Bar, Choose to Open (not Save) it will redirect you to your Zip program, unzip and save to your drive/folder of choice.

You can share this link with anyone you'd like to allow to download, however they will need your password to do so.

The link generated is good for two weeks and dated, you will need to regenerate a new download if it expires. (back to step 3)

Make sure you add this email address to your address book. help@smugmug.com

One Step Single Image Download

Untitled photo

For Single Image Download simply click Down Arrow below the image Lower Right Corner. Image will download  to your download file or if you choose to open it will open in your default program.

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